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Accommodation at Reni Pani is blissful.

Individual cottages are located along Reni Paniís seasonal nallah (Nallah Units), in its forest (Forest Units) and at the top of the hill (Hill Units). There are six nallah units that are all located along the seasonal stream that runs through the lodge. Each nallah unit has a spacious deck with a brilliant view of the nallah and the forest. These rooms feature lavish bathrooms with running hot water and an outdoor shower.

The four forest units are located in the woods across the nallah. These rooms have an interestingly different design. The rooms feature a large deck, on the roof of the bathroom, which is accessible by a staircase running within the room. These rooms are also fitted with all luxury amenities and guests can pamper themselves with hot pressure showers after their activity-filled day. The hill units, which are probably the finest rooms here, are located on the highest point of Reni Paniís hillock. The decks of these rooms have a spectacular canopy view of the forest leading to the Satpura Tiger Reserve, with the Satpura Range of Hills in the background. The hill units also feature a well equipped bathroom with an outdoor shower which has the same view as the deck. All rooms feature large bay-windows that give an excellent feel, keeping guests close to the surroundings outside.